The Origin and Core Values

SUMKEN was founded in 2010. We dedicated ourselves to establishing an international high-level talent pool of experts from Taiwan and Japan and became a leading technical consulting agency for Mandarin enterprises. Since then, we have provided core research and development knowledge for the high-tech electronics industry. SUMKEN is now a leading brand of the cutting-edge technology course provider. The future goals are based on the second core.
Integrate Japanese resources with Taiwan's advantages
SUMKEN has been deeply cultivating Taiwan's high-tech electronics industry by introducing Japanese technical resources. We integrated the advantages and made amendments to the disadvantages. To confront global competition, we would join hands with our clients to explore the global market with the aim of creating mutual benefits as well as developing win-win situations.
Forward-looking courses to keep up with industry trends and the bridge to international cutting-edge technologies
Focusing on the needs of innovative technology topics, bridging international technical pioneers, and improving the training of core R&D talents for key technologies. SUMKEN is at the forefront of the market for the industry, at the forefront of technology for R&D, and is creating a new forward-looking view for enterprises.


Our customers are professionals with technical backgrounds in chemical materials, semiconductors, optoelectronics, optical communications, components, smart machinery, automotive electronics, biotechnology, and medicine.

Main business

【Foresight Industry Course】Prospective technology courses were planned yearly, including topics among technologies, application markets, and R&D/ productions.
【Enterprise Package Classes】Provide a team of expert lecturers for in-house training courses tailored to the needs of enterprises.
【Chinese-Japanese Translation/Interpretation】Provide the Translation service of patent documents in the electronic field, the accompanying interpretation service for Japanese business travelers in Taiwan, and the interpretation service for equipment installations and clean room constructions.
【Long-term consultant service from Japanese experts】Provide ad hoc consultant counseling from Japanese professionals.
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2022.5 Online Course - Design Tips for High Thermal Conductivity Heat Dissipating Materials.
2020.4 Online and onsite - Interpret the Latest Trends of Next Generation Displays from "Optical Films"
2018.10 Hsinchu – The Development Trend and High-Frequency Characteristics of High-Speed FPC Electrolytic Copper Foil
2017.12 Japanese semiconductor and polymer material delegation group. Photo at Hitachi Chemical (丸の内)
2017.12 Japanese semiconductor and polymer material visiting group (factory tour in Hanamaki), Ricoh Group RINS director was introducing the products that the factory manufactured in the past
2017.8 Tainan - Global MicroLED, quantum dots, and OLED key technologies
2016.10 Taoyuan - high-stretchable electronic device. The group leader of Japan ASTI Soft Electronics Center Yoshida demoed the stretch-sensing/wiring
2016.10 Taipei - Electronic automation design research on TSV placement from a design simulation point of view, Professor Chen Hongming, National Chiaotung University
2014.7 Japanese Plant Factory Visiting Group, Shiseido Experimental Nursery Room in Shizuoka